How we can work together


There are several ways in which the European Federation can support your work in case you are interested in Dravet Syndrome. Our constantly expanding database could be a starting point, as well the mouse model are among the highlights of our activity.
international registry PLATFORM RESIDRAS

Platform Residras includes data from tens of hospitals and clinics all over Europe, collected from hundreds of registered patients with Dravet Syndrome.

Our Surveys

These projects target to improve the quality of life of patients and their family caregivers by promoting and developing medical/social initiatives.

Research Dravet Syndrome Europe

One of the aims of DSEF is to stimulate research and development into treatments by specialist physicians and researchers.

Open access Mouse model of Dravet Syndrome

You can easier understand Dravet Syndrome or even start to look for better treatments and a cure by using a mouse model carrying the a mutation in the Scn1a gene.

Scientific Advisory Board Prague

This body works to operate and advise with regard to medical and clinical aspects or for those related to the research.

Events Horizons for Dravet Syndrome

Other projects of DSEF aim to raise funds for medical and social research, and also to raise awareness of Dravet Syndrome among the public and the medical/social community.