Scientific Advisory Board

The Scientific Advisory Board of Dravet Syndrome European Federation was formed in June 2016 and had its first reunion in September 2016 in Prague. It is formed by experts with proven and established expertise, highly qualified, and is in charge for five years.

Physicians / scientists

  • Professor Helen Cross

  • Professor Rima Nabbout

  • Professor Bernardo Dalla Bernardina

  • Professor Renzo Guerrini

  • Professor Lieven Lagae

  • Dr. Antonio Gil-Nagel

  • Dr. Ana Mingorance

Representing the DSEF

  • Simona Borroni, Board Member, DSEF

  • Julian Isla, Chief Scientific Officer, DSEF

Its main tasks

  • to support the actions of DSEF

  • to operate and advise in particular with regard to aspects of a medical, clinical, for those related to the research

  • to operate and propose in addition to the aspects / initiatives related to better functional and organizational quality of healthcare services provided to patients