Epilepsia Journal

Special Issue: Dravet Syndrome and other Sodium Channel Related Encephalopathies

Happy to start 2020 with a supplement of Epilepsia dedicated to Dravet Syndrome – Volume 60, Issue S3. Published under the title “Dravet Syndrome and other sodium channel related encephalopathies”, it includes all works presented in March 2018 during the fourth edition of Horizons Dravet, our international symposium held in Verona.

Many thanks to all contributors and also for the generous support of Dravet Italia Onlus, Biocodex, GW Pharma, Zogenix, Fondazione Cattolica, BPM, Eisai, Nutricia, Sandoz, Ecu‐Pharma, and FB Health.

Wishing you all a great new year and, of course, an interesting reading of the articles below.